Migration and COVID19: disruptions and policy impacts 

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Alan Nicol - Strategic Program Director - Water Growth and Inclusion / IWMI


Migrant Day COVID 19 impacts globally community policy long-term change AGRUMIG project


01 January 21

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This webinar highlights the impact of Covid-19 on global migration to mark International Migrants Day 2020. Building on a new IWMI working paper “Between a rock and a hard place: Early experience of migration challenges under the COVID19 pandemic,” produced under the European Union Horizon 2020 funded AGRUMIG project, the webinar will explore challenges posed by this unique situation and ask what the implications are for future migration flows and policies.

AGRUMIG partners undertook a rapid review of impacts in the seven project countries – China, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Morocco, Nepal and Thailand – over the last nine months, exploring impacts on rural households but also identifying the persistent desire to migrate in spite of restrictions. The challenge is knowing what will be permanent change, and what will resume as ‘business as usual.’

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